HGamer3D - Programming Games with HaskellΒΆ


Haskell and game programming does this actually fit together? Some time back, I started exploring the programming language Haskell and exactly thought game programming might be an interesting area of trying out the new language learned and the concepts behind. This led to the story I’m telling below on game programming with Haskell. As the toolset to use I will introduce to you the HGamer3D package - a Haskell based API for 3D graphics, audio, input handling, networking, GUI programming and game scripting. HGamer3D can be used on Linux and Windows and therefore should open the world of Haskell game programming to a large audience.

As always things are changing constantly so from time to time hit the refresh button in your browser, to see if updates are available which have been hidden by the caches from the server all the way down to your display.

Table of Contents