Using Haskell - the famous and great functional programming language - for game creation should be fun and ideally suited to learn both, game programming and functional programming. But if you start with that try to not make the same mistake as the unknown brave game programmer I read about some time ago in a blog. He never came to write a game because he spent all his time in selecting tools, evaluating technologies and learning programing languages and libraries, eventually writing a game engine on his own. This should not happen to you, should it?

This website and the HGamer3D library will help you with that, directly start and jump into it, without fighting too much with hurdles. It is all about simple and fun game programming with Haskell, learning step by step and putting a focus on how to do it. The library is open source and can be found on GitHub. It works on Linux, Windows and OS X.


Sample game window - Cuboid2



If you have the need to lookup something.


A big “Thank You!” to the creators and maintainers of Haskell, GHC, Urho3D, stack, Textadept and other libraries and tools.

Without the efforts of the open source community this website and the HGamer3D library would not be possible.

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