HGamer3D - Programming Games with HaskellΒΆ


HGamer3D now runnable from Docker image, see: Docker.


HGamer3D is a software which allows you to program 3D computer games in the programming language Haskell. The feature list is pretty basic for all the areas which are covered but on the other hand you could already achieve a lot using it, like for example:

  • generating 3D graphics
  • using audio output
  • getting input from mouse, keyboard and joystick
  • transferring data over the network
  • implementing an in-game GUI
  • testing functions in a scripted live environment

To make all that possible HGamer3D uses C/C++ based libraries for 3D graphics, sound, input device handling and gui programming and provides a Haskell API on top of that. HGamer3D is available on Linux and Windows.