Create a Game with Haskell

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Using Haskell - the famous functional programming language - for game creation should be fun and ideally suited to explore functional programming.

This website and the HGamer3D library will help you with that. It is all about simple and fun game programming with Haskell, learning step by step and putting a focus on how to do it. The library is open source and works on Linux, Windows and OS X. I am myself on the road to use this vehicle to get a better grasp of Haskell.

And now, start reading and coding with HGamer3D.

Table of Contents

If you encounter any issues please send me an e-mail, so I can correct it:


A big “thank you!” to the creators and maintainers of Haskell, GHC, Urho3D, stack, Textadept, vect and other open source libraries and tools. HGamer3D is based on their work.