Simplified Install

More easy install procedure also on Linux How To Install. Pre-compiled binaries for a number of systems, Windows and Linux Downloads.

Version 0.3.x is on Github

Version 0.3.x is out on Github (How To Get It) with the following features:

Works on Linux and Windows!

Program for both environments with one environment and one API. The new version also compiles on Linux. Windows support has been included since the beginning. Build tools allow to easily create the dependencies on both platforms. Media folder structure and format are identical.

Modulare package structure

The package structure has been revised, to allow a more modular setup, where only those packages needs to be included which are actually used. Cross dependencies have been minimized.

Binding generation toolset - HBind

The bindings to the C/C++ libraries have not been build manually. Instead a toolset has been developed to automatically obtain bindings from C/C++ header files and additional configuration information. This configuration information is edited in an IDE. The tool has been put on Github with a GPL license.

Complete source code hosted on Github

The source code is now hosted on Github. Also all tools and build scripts have been made available.

Feature list:

  • Audio: play sound in different formats, regulate volume, some stereo functionality
  • Network: send and receive text messages
  • Graphics3D: create 3D objects and move them, from program access or load meshes
  • Windowing and Events: Cross-platform windowing functions
  • GUI: Graphical GUI
  • Examples included