Start Programming

Three steps in 10 minutes are enough to get you going!

Install Arriccio

  • Use git to download the aio (arriccio) client
  • cd into the folder of your operating system (Linux, Windows, Darwin) and start the installer script
git clone
cd linux

This will copy aio into your path and update your environment. Finally you can run aio from the command line.


It is neccessary, that aio is in your path, the created scripts do assume that.

Install HGamer3D


On Linux you need devtools and libgmp

HGamer3D toolset

Run the following command:

aio install

This will give you some aliases, for example from now on, you only need to type aio HGamer3D <command> but also additional tooling and it installs the Haskell compiler.


To update HGamer3D from previous installations, you can use the aio HGamer3D update command. This will always give you the latest version. If you encounter strange errors, try to remove everything by rm -rf ~/.aio and start from the beginning with the install command above.

Create and Compile a Project

Run the following commands:

aio HGamer3D create MyExampleProject
cd MyExampleProject