Setup Tools

HGamer3D comes with a tool, which manages all the setup of neccessary tools and runtime files. It is named arriccio, or for short aio.

Install Arriccio

To install aio you either can use git, or download the binaries directly.

Use Git

If you have git installed, simply clone the installer and run the provided install scripts, there is one for each operating system, Linux, Windows or Mac.

git clone
cd Linux

Download Binaries

Or install aio manually, by copying the executable to a directory, which is in your PATH.


It is neccessary, that aio is in your path, please check this this. The following steps simply assume that aio can be called.

Use Arriccio

Fire up arriccio without parameters and you will get a short helping introduction. If you look closer at the listed commands you’ll see that most of them take the url or a name as parameter. The url is the location of a meta file, which gives information, what arriccio should download and run. Also a name can be given, if an alias for the url has been set previously.

The url’s are the primary means to get something started. For example, try to run the HGamer3D installer and scaffolding tool, by the following command.


You will be asked, if it is ok, to download two files, one installer and one luapower file. You need to confirm with yes and then the dowload start. Afterwards the installer is run and a list of possible commands is displayed. The list contains the commands install, uninstall, update, create and sample-browser.

Let’s for example start the sample browser by issuing the following command:

aio sample-browser

Now arriccio needs to download a lot of files, those are runtime and media components for HGamer3D. By the way, all those files will end up in the $HOME/.aio directory. So if you want to get rid of everything, you can simply delete this location, including subfolders and you are back to the starting point.

Voila, the first HGamer3D program start. Select an example in the dropdown box in the upper left corner and watch HGamer3D examples in action.

Finally let’s check the alias function. It is cumbersome to type the lengthy url’s for starting specific programs. Fortunatly you can set an alias. We do this right now for the HGamer3D install program. Please issue:

aio alias HGamer3D
aio list alias

The first command sets an alias for the HGamer3D url and the second display the existing aliases, so you can check the success. For example, you now could run the sample-browser by aio HGamer3D sample-browser.

Install Haskell

The last step in this section is, to setup the Haskell tool chain and some additional aliases for further usage. Simply run the install command, by typing aio HGamer3D install. This will take some time, since it installs the Haskell compiler.

You can check additional aliases by typing aio list alias and you will recognize additional tools, like an Editor, an AssetImporter and a 3D Editor being available as aio components. We will explore them in the next sections.


If you are interested in depth understanding of arriccio, there is a detailed explanation of it